Cheap Web Hosting – Fall Savings

We’ve partnered with Blue Host to offer super affordable hosting. You’ll have a hard time finding a better deal than this. Less than $3 bucks per month for up to 3 years. Check it out

DIY SEO LOL Now Available


We’re happy to announce our new book, DIY SEO LOL, is now available! We created DIY SEO LOL to help small businesses, entrepreneurs, online store owners and bloggers compete in the wild wild west of the internet. Sound like you? Get Started Now or Read More.

Where’s Waldo – Marketing Edition

By looking at this graph, can you guess when the marketing began? If your marketing efforts have fallen by the wayside, I hope this graph changes your mind. This is an actual, real-world report of our client’s web traffic that we delivered one month after they hired us for a basic marketing plan.

Announcing Our Upcoming DIY Marketing Book

We’re very excited to announce the upcoming release of our new book! The book exposes many of the tricks we have up our sleeves that we use to earn loyal followers for ourselves and our clients. What you’ll gain: Sign up now to get early access and receive 25% off while there’s still time!

If you have to ask…

I’ve sat in so many sales meetings with clients who can barely turn on a computer ask me, “Now can I do any of this stuff myself and save some money?”. My response is always the same, “if you have to ask… the answer is no”. For those of you out there trying to DIY a web presence, I understand … Read More

(Don’t) Build Your Own Website

There are some great tools out there for building your own website and some of them even look really nice. Many of these DIY solutions are like a Ferarri without an engine; looks fantastic, but doesn’t really get you anywhere. We web developers know that there is more to the equation… How’s panda treating you? What about your CTR? Are … Read More

Top Tips on How to Get Started on Social Media

Know your Audience! As the old proverb goes, “Man who chases two rabbits, catches neither.”, so it goes with social media.  It can be daunting to jump in to social media with the multitude of networks out there… Our advice… Don’t!  Instead, spend time focusing on just the single most impactful network.  The key is finding the social networks that are right for you … Read More

Finding the Social Network that is Right for You

Social Marketing has become such an important part of business, and it’s since time is money, it’s important we don’t waste our time on things that aren’t working. This article is about how to focus your efforts on the right social networks, for the best results. Catch All Let’s start with the elephant in the room, Facebook. Facebook is far … Read More