Finding the Social Network that is Right for You

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Social Marketing has become such an important part of business, and it's since time is money, it's important we don't waste our time on things that aren't working. This article is about how to focus your efforts on the right social networks, for the best results.

Catch All

Let's start with the elephant in the room, Facebook. Facebook is far and away the best all around platform for promoting your brand due to it's very large, diverse user base. Of all the social networks, it sees the broadest demographic of users.  This means you can get in front of all ethnicities, age brackets and interest groups.

Photo Heavy

Instagram is the baby in the family, but has been steadily gaining traction. It's strong suits are, you guessed it, images. It also sees a generally younger group of users. So, if you can generate a lot of images around your brand and are interested in a younger crowd, Instagram may be a good fit.


While Pinterest is used by men, it is overwhelmingly overrun by women and like Instagram, it's very photo driven. Look to Pinterest if your brand can speak to women of all ages, and you'll be welcomed with open arms.

Businesses & Men

For the business brands, Google+ and LinkedIn are for you. Google+ was originally geared as another social network, but generally hasn't been accepted as such.  Instead, it hass been adopted more by men, especially in technical fields. LinkedIn is a better option for those who want to keep it all business. It's a social network for professionals through and through.

These are tips for just a few of the many hundreds of social networks popping up, but the concept stays true…

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