If you have to ask…

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I've sat in so many sales meetings with clients who can barely turn on a computer ask me, “Now can I do any of this stuff myself and save some money?”.

My response is always the same, “if you have to ask… the answer is no”.

For those of you out there trying to DIY a web presence, I understand your pain, but, you get what you pay for.

Years ago, I decided to save some money and paint my own car. I spent two years rebuilding the classic from the ground up, and when it was finally time for paint, I brushed up my knowledge on painting cars, practiced on old car parts and even painted an old boat just to try my hand.

The end result was not good. In some places, the paint was nice and shiny, and others, dry and splotchy. And now, years later, the paint is chipping and starting to rust.


  • Did I paint my own car? Yes.
  • Did it save me some money upfront? Absolutely.
  • Was it worth it? Absolutely not.

In the long run, I will have spent many years driving a car with a crummy paint job that will ultimately need to be replaced, costing more time and money than if I had done it right in the first place and left it to the pros.