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Your Website Could Be Driving Traffic Away

DIY SEO LOL Helps You Learn How to Optimize Your Site to Increase Traffic, Leads and Sales

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If you've ever wondered how other sites get found and get TONS of traffic, DIY SEO LOL will show you how.


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“I finally understand the fundamentals of SEO! Once I gained an understanding I was able to take the steps listed in the book and make progress in what previously seemed like a daunting task.”Lindsey Brewer of

What You'll Learn in DIY SEO LOL

Core Understanding

Simple, real-world explanations of how search engines work

Website Preparation

Simple, real-world explanations of how search engines work

Growing Traffic Organically

Learn free techniques to amplify your website or blog growth

Website Upkeep Program

Gain insights into real strategies used by industry professionals


With search engines driving 85% of all traffic to websites, search engine optimization(SEO) is crucial to the success of your website or blog.

Is your website or blog crippling your success?

DIY SEO LOL is a hands-on guide for website owner's looking to take their website to the next level through search engine optimization.
The book provides non-technical understanding of the inner-workings of search engines, clearly explains the key points that search engines use to rate your website, and actionable steps anyone can perform to optimize their website.

By learning how to build better relationships with search engines, you will see increased traffic, better leads, and more sales.

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