Top Tips on How to Get Started on Social Media

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  1. Know your Audience!
    As the old proverb goes, “Man who chases two rabbits, catches neither.”, so it goes with social media.  It can be daunting to jump in to social media with the multitude of networks out there… Our advice… Don't!  Instead, spend time focusing on just the single most impactful network.  The key is finding the social networks that are right for you and chasing the right rabbits!
  2. Be Valuable!
    You know those gobs of emails you get every month that you call spam and admit to hating, but you haven't immediately unsubscribed yet… Ever wondered why?  It's value! My bet is that you're still waiting around for that one tip to make you more productive, or that one discount on that one item you've been looking for.  You're hooked on the value! That's your job on social media.  Be of value so that people *want* to listen.  You'll see two things happen: First, people will notice, because there will be something worth noticing, and second, they'll engage.  They'll follow you, they'll talk to you, they'll point other people to you.  This is how brands grow.
  3. Network!
    This often escapes new-comers to the social media world, but you absolutely must make friends.  Especially powerful ones.  What this means is reaching out to other people or brands that are in your wheelhouse.  Chatting them up and offering value to them or even posing quests can strike up an ongoing conversation, and a good working relationship. Often times they will talk about you on their account, which means more exposure for you. Having socially engaged friends is also a powerful tool when launching new products or services

To some, these quick tips are obvious, but to many newcomers, these things are often missed.

Get social! Impress your fans! Make an impact!

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