This is Joe.

Joe, like all customers goes through a journey from being a stranger, to being an advocate for your business.

Let's learn about Joe's Journey

Joe starts as a stranger

Like all of your existing clients once were, Joe is a stranger. He doesn't know you, and you don't know him.

Our goal is to help Joe find you, and convert Stranger Joe into Visitor Joe.


The strategy for converting Joe from a stranger to a visitor is to Attract.

Some methods of attracting strangers to your business are Blogging, SEO, Targeted Pages, and Social Publishing.

Joe becomes a visitor

Great! We've attracted Joe, he's landed at our business, Joe is a visitor.

Now we want to convert Visitor Joe, into Lead Joe, a person we can reach out to again later.


We know that Visitor Joe is interested in our business because we attracted him with our business in the first step.

Now, we just need a strategy to convert Joe into a lead.

Some best methods of converting visitors into leads are Forms, Specific Calls to Action, and Targeted Landing Pages.

Joe becomes a lead

Fantastic! Now we know Lead Joe, but he hasn't become a customer yet.

Since he's a lead now, we can reach out to Joe after he's left and engage with him personally, in hopes to convert Lead Joe into Customer Joe.


The strategy for converting Joe from a lead to a customer is to Close.

Best practices for closing leads include Email Newsletters, Marketing Automation, and good ol' fashioned Lead Nurturing.

Joe becomes a customer

Success! Joe purchased from us. Now Joe is a customer.

We're done right? No! We never stop there!

Now our goal is to convert Customer Joe into Promoter Joe, so he'll tell his friends about us.


The strategy for converting Joe from a customer to a promoter is to Delight.

To convert Customer Joe into Promoter Joe, we'll need to provide excellent user experience with tools like Personalized service, Surveys, Smart text, Smart Calls to Action and Ongoing Engagement.

Joe becomes a promoter

Hoorah! Joe is so delighted with your business that he's telling his friends. Joe is a promoter!

While this is the end of Joe's Journey, it's just the beginning for all of his friends.

Do you have a strategy for growth?

Having a customer journey strategy is key to growing your brand, and we'd love to help!

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